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Psychological Journeys In Two Nabokov Works: English Masters Program Essay

The second step of my long journey to earn a Master’s degree in English was encapsulated in a spring 2017 course that focused on the fiction and other literary works of Russian born literary titan Vladimir Nabokov. Like the class I completed in the fall 2016 semester, this one — ENGL 428: Topics in Literature and Culture 1900 to Present — made me read, think and of course, write. In fact, my final paper focused on journeys of a different sort: Psychological or “mental journeys” taken by literary characters.

The paper, A Psychological Perspective on the Significance of Mental Journeys Taken by Protagonists in Invitation to a Beheading and Lolita, chronicles passages from two of Nabokov’s most compelling novels.

I wholeheartedly welcome your thoughts on this essay, as well as insight and advice as I continue my intellectual journey to an advanced degree in English at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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Affect Criticism Today: English Masters Program Essay

In the Fall of 2016, I began studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago to earn a Master’s degree in English with an emphasis on writing. My first required course, ENGL 500 Masters Proseminar, concentrated in an analysis and exploration of literary criticism.

edward-bury-imageThe course, held Wednesday evenings, was challenging, to say the least. Each week, the class of 12 had to read required essays, poems, short stories or other works of literature and draft two-page reports.  Students also had to participate in discussions, which often were lively.

The final project was completion of a 15-page paper that included insight into the genres of literary criticism studied.

My final paper was titled,  Affect Criticism Today: An Analysis of Its Value Through Scholarly Comparisons and Emotions Raised in Reading Catcher in the Rye.

You are welcome to read my essay and share your thoughts.

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