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An Analysis of Post Modern Poetry and Its Role in the Modern Conversation on Race

Edward M Bury 2018Post modern poets furiously discarded many established literary conventions and relied more on a narrative technique to distance their work from the philosophical and intellectual enlightened movement and the Modernist movement that followed. For the uninitiated, these poetic works could prove intimidating, confusing and even non-nonsensical.  I can speak from personal experience, as a wide spectrum of post modern and contemporary poetry was the center of the ENGL 540: Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Literature, the fourth course in my quest to earn my Master’s degree in English. To complete my course requirements, I had to build a thesis on the works assigned, draft an abstract, and of course, research and write a paper (this time complete with an annotated bibliography.)  My paper was centered on the contention by some modern black poets that the concept of “blackness” has become a commodity today. A work by poet and writer Douglas Kearney was examined. The paper, The Commodification of “Blackness” and Poetry Presented as Propaganda, proved challenging; but I gained a much better understanding on the direction literature had made.


The “Greening” of Avondale

Our Little Piece of Mortgaged AmericaObservances of a neighborhood in transition. That summarizes the subject and scope of an essay I wrote and presented during Fall 2017 as part of ENGL 574: Non-Fiction Writing Workshop, the course I completed in December. The essay centered on the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago, where we’ve lived since 2000, when we purchased a modest two-flat in what then was still a work-class community, sometimes plagued by crime but far from being blighted and beyond renewal. Avondale has evolved — gentrified in many ways — a process I called “greening.”

The essay is titled, The “Greening” of Avondale, and the work includes some original images and lyrics to a song, “When Will I Leave Chicago.”

Contributing to the Dialogue on Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Commercial ConnectionsReal estate and transportation remain passions of mine, especially on a professional level. Last month, I had the honor of contributing an article to the Summer 2017 issue of Commercial Connections, a publication of the National Association of REALTORS(R). The piece covered transit oriented development (TOD), a practice of building multifamily or mixed-use properties adjacent or close to rapid transit, rail or bus stations.

For the article, Industry Trends: Transit Oriented Development Driving Investment, I interviewed two commercial real estate experts and conducted some primary research.

Psychological Journeys In Two Nabokov Works: English Masters Program Essay

The second step of my long journey to earn a Master’s degree in English was encapsulated in a spring 2017 course that focused on the fiction and other literary works of Russian born literary titan Vladimir Nabokov. Like the class I completed in the fall 2016 semester, this one — ENGL 428: Topics in Literature and Culture 1900 to Present — made me read, think and of course, write. In fact, my final paper focused on journeys of a different sort: Psychological or “mental journeys” taken by literary characters.

The paper, A Psychological Perspective on the Significance of Mental Journeys Taken by Protagonists in Invitation to a Beheading and Lolita, chronicles passages from two of Nabokov’s most compelling novels.

I wholeheartedly welcome your thoughts on this essay, as well as insight and advice as I continue my intellectual journey to an advanced degree in English at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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Affect Criticism Today: English Masters Program Essay

In the Fall of 2016, I began studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago to earn a Master’s degree in English with an emphasis on writing. My first required course, ENGL 500 Masters Proseminar, concentrated in an analysis and exploration of literary criticism.

edward-bury-imageThe course, held Wednesday evenings, was challenging, to say the least. Each week, the class of 12 had to read required essays, poems, short stories or other works of literature and draft two-page reports.  Students also had to participate in discussions, which often were lively.

The final project was completion of a 15-page paper that included insight into the genres of literary criticism studied.

My final paper was titled,  Affect Criticism Today: An Analysis of Its Value Through Scholarly Comparisons and Emotions Raised in Reading Catcher in the Rye.

You are welcome to read my essay and share your thoughts.

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A Modern Strategic Communicator Steeped in Old-School Traditions

Welcome to the official web site for Edward M. Bury, APR, a public relations strategist, integrated marketing consultant, successful project manager and senior communications  professional based in Chicago. 

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